Charles Irion with celebrity Larry King

Autograph Collecting Tips

Although the autograph you have obtained in person may be real in your eyes, an authenticator does not use your vision when determining if it’s real or not.

Strive for quality not quantity.

Don’t buy mass-produced pieces. Usually the fewer numbers that exist of an item, the more potential there is to increase in value.

Don’t react to the market; let the market react to you.

Don’t try to graph a celebrity who is with their family.

Don’t request multiple autographs at the expense of others getting none.

Interrupting a celbrity for an autograph is rude.

Don’t lie to other collectors. Information is a form of currency in the autograph trade. Knowledge about where someone is and when they will be somewhere is precious. This rule should not be interpreted as a suggestion that you should give up your intel when someone asks for it—just don’t intentionally mislead them. That’s bad form.

Say “please” and “thank you”

Give people – celebs and other collectors- their space. It’s a natural instinct to descend upon a celebrity once they get into range. But I wonder how many more autographs we would get if we lined up in an orderly fashion and politely asked someone to sign. It only takes one person to start a bum rush and, in most cases, it usually ends poorly.

Don’t trespass to gain access to a celebrity.

Share with others. If you see a child waiting for the same autograph from a celebrity – slip him a sharpie and a few index cards if you have them. It is the right thing to do.

Car buying Tips

Before Visiting the Dealership – Take the time to get on the Internet. The name of this game is research!

Know what you want before you even get close to the dealership.

Dealers love to combine the purchase price, finance charges, and value of your trade-in into one negotiation. This way they can play with numbers and try to confuse you into thinking they’re giving up more than they are. You can keep them from doing this by insisting they negotiate each individually.

You can take away one of the dealer’s biggest bargaining chips if you secure financing ahead of time.

Don’t forget to check out crash tests and accident data.

Keep more than one car in mind. Don’t have your heart set on only one. The dealer may not be able to meet your financial needs, or it may be as simple as them not having the color you want. Have more than one option.

Get a dealer quote in writing.

Shop at more than one dealership.

Check the dealership out on the Better Business Bureau!

Test drive before you buy.

Make sure you READ and UNDERSTAND the contract before you buy.

Look over the car before you drive it off the lot.



Home Remodeling Tips

Intuition is key. If you have an ounce of intuition, trust it!

If you are being your own contractor, keep an expandable folder with individual folders inside for each trade. Organization is key!

Be sure that your painter saves you some paint in the cans for touch-ups and duplication later.

Know what home renovations you want ahead of time. Otherwise, you might find yourself being steered toward spending a lot more money than you ever intended.

Make sure the contractor cleans up the mess every single day. You don’t want all that dust circulating through your heating and cooling system.

Change your air filters during and after your home renovation if you are having any drywall work done.

Do not make the final payment until every last thing is complete.


Divorce Tips

Lawyers prepare for the worst. Mediators bring out your best. Start with a great mediator who is also a lawyer. If you’re not at war already, heading to a sharky lawyer out of fear will certainly start one. If you have a working relationship, similar goals and no huge wedge issues up front, try an experienced mediator first. You’ll save oodles of money and are more likely to come out of it with the good parts of your relationship intact

Once you are represented by an attorney, opposing attorneys may not speak with you regarding the case. If they call you refer them to your attorney.

Make a commitment to take better care of yourself: mind, body, and soul. You are going to need everything you have to close a relationship.

Think before you put anything in writing: email, tweet, letter, etc.

What do you know about your family’s financial situation? You should begin making an “inventory” of both your assets and liabilities. Simply put, “what do you have, and who do you owe?”

Do a budget. A marital separation results in the creation of two households where there had previously been only one. For most families, this results in a significant financial burden. You should know how much money you need each month to keep a roof over your head, the minimum balances on your bills paid, and you and your children fed.



tips5Mountain Climbing Tips

Always prepare a first-aid box for yourself and your team.

Always carry enough match boxes in water resistant bags (zip lock).

Your footwear should be appropriate for the mountain’s terrain. Many big mountains have several terrains, temperatures, and weather conditions, depending on the area’s altitude. You should make sure that you have it all covered and that your gear and clothing can accommodate any changes in your environment.

Mountain climbing requires preparation. Train for it, stay informed and keep updating yourself on techniques and trends.

Hydrate yourself often and eat foods that’ll help you maintain a good energy level.

In case of cold weather, KEEP MOVING!, keep your body in motion and do not stop.

Keep improving your skills and trying harder mountain climbs.

Be physically and mentally prepared!

Have a sense of humor.

Know your strengths – and weaknesses.