Murder on Everest

Murder on Everest is an exciting murder mystery, featuring not just the usual dangers of mountaineering but those brought by man as well. Power, greed and envy all abound in a delightful mix of intrigue set in a fascinating and little known locale. The first of a new series it is a great read and I highly recommend it.”
— Mike Hamilburg, Literary Agent

The characters in “Murder on Everest” really stand out. The novel is also really informative, in a way that isn’t preachy. We learn a lot about the world of climbing, the differences between those who dabble and those who make it into a way of life, the impact of this industry on the people indigenous to the mountains, and the dangers involved for everyone. I really liked the dynamic of the group. Even the slimy people inspire moments of pity, and even the best people have their bad moments.” — Writer’s Digest

“Ever wonder what it feels like to climb the highest in the world?  Reading Murder on Everest is about as close as you’ll get to experiencing it – and with an extra treat of a murder mystery to boot. Charles Irion is a climber and he lets you feel the experience of scaling the world’s highest mountain with all its chilling dangers, as he weaves a murder plot with multiple plot lines that keeps you turning page after page.  So put on your hiking boots, lean back in your sleeping bag and take an exciting journey up Mt. Everest.”
— Frank F. Fiore, Mainstream Novelist

“Murder on Everest is AMAZING…well written, great story, and the fact that the author climbed Everest makes it even more spectacular. Way to the and look forward to the entire series!”
— KC Summits, reviewer

“I love murder mysteries in general but I never have read one about a murder on Mt. Everest. Who would have thought to murder someone on Mt. Everest. How original!—It was well written and full of great information about climbing.”
— Grant Stoaks, Phoenix

WOW! What an intriguing murder mystery, gripping until the end. Suspense is unbound. I had no idea who murdered Derek until the end. Congratulations to the authors Irion and Watkins. I hope this will be the first of many great reads from the Summit Murder Series.” — Jennifer, AZ

“Murder on Everest was an interesting read with an ending I was not expecting! I really enjoyed reading about the different aspects of what it takes to participate in such an incredible climb. The book was well written and definitely wasn’t your typical who dunit kind of murder mystery. You follow the story of a group of people climbing Mt.Everest to try and find, and bring back the body of one they had lost on their quest the previous year. The dynamics of the group were fun to read and at times got a little intense. I really enjoyed this book!”
— Darcie L. Sherrick, Amazon reviewer

Exciting from cover to cover!  Even if you’ve never climbed anything…this book and all the others in the Series, let’s you feel the adventure!  Love all the books in the Summit Murder Mystery Series!” — Janita Cooper

Murder on Elbrus

A fascinating and fast paced read, highly recommended – Going up against the Russian army is easy. It’s his allies that seem to be the real problem. Murder on Elbrus tells the tale of Scott Devlon as he becomes entrenched in the murder of a high ranking Russian official on a mountain in Europe. With the Russian army on his tail, Scott is forced to battle the media, the Russian mob, and plenty of people with their own agendas, leaving him with little to trust and an ever growing pile of problems. Murder on Elbrus is a fascinating and fast paced read, highly recommended. — Midwest Book Review

Terrific mountain climbing murder mystery – The latest Summit Murder Mystery is a terrific tale as readers obtain a sense of elevated geography for instance how one reaches the summit of Elbrus inside a whodunit with espionage and international geopolitical issues enhancing the thriller. Scott is at his best rushing across vividly described war ravaged Chechnya as he has not fully recovered from the ordeal at the top of the world, but now needs to extract himself from a new dangerous situation in which he unsure who to trust. This is another majestic mountain climbing murder mystery. — Harriet Klausner, #1 Reviewer

This Summit Mystery is full of thrills and chills until the end – This new Summit Mystery is just as exciting as the previous book and full of thrills and chills until the end. Watch for the next one – Murder on Mt. McKinley – which will be published next year. I know I will be waiting impatiently for it as it is in Alaska and makes a beautiful picture. I sure wouldn’t want to scale it but I certainly admire the people who do. — Mary C. Lignor,

I am very happy to say that Murder on Elbrus lives up to my hopes after reading Murder on Everest. Once again the authors don’t disappoint, delivering a novel full of non-stop action and climbing excitement. This time around, hero Scott Devlon is running for his life after he becomes entangled in the murder of a Russian official. Oh, and did I mention that he has the Russian Army on his tail?! Kick back, relax, and get lost on Mt. Elbrus!  – Jennifer, Reviewer

After reading Murder on Everest I was extremely excited to move on to the next book in the series, Murder on Elbrus, to find out what Scott Devlon encounters on his next adventure. Once again, I was taken on a roller coaster ride of intrigue and suspense. I am looking forward to following Scott as he tackles Mount McKinley.  – Kira Hoover

Murder on Elbrus is an amazing book and I found that I couldn’t put it down. Irion throws action at the reader from the very beginning. From the romance and sex appeal to the gun fights, this is a page turner. Also Irion does an amazing job at providing the reader with an idea of the culture of the setting. There are many cultural disputes and harsh feelings on the Russian-Georgian border. Irion introduces the reader to all of it. Not only does Murder on Elbrus entice the murder mystery lovers, it completely envelopes its readers in the history and culture of the surrounding area. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an action packed murder mystery. – Erika, Reviewer


Murder on Mt. McKinley

The Summit Murder Mystery series premise of climbing each continent’s highest peak accompanied by murder and modern day issues is an entertaining saga as the authors are three for three. The story line is fast-paced with plenty of action from nature and humans. Once again fans will feel they are scaling the mountain with storms, bitter cold and climbing safety rules. However, the key to this great whodunit (and the previous entries) is the ability of Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins to incorporate local contemporary arguments into the climb and the subsequent whodunit. — Harriet Klausner, #1 Reviewer

A fun read with no shortage of adventure. Mountain climbing is something very dangerous innately, when murder enters into it, it grows even rougher. Murder on Mt. McKinley: A Summit Murder Mystery is another entry into the Summit Murder mystery series, spinning a murder mystery around a mountain climbing expedition, focusing on each of seven major mountains around the world. A fun read with no shortage of adventure, “Murder on Mt. McKinley” will prove a top pick. — Midwest Book Review

Mr. Irion and Mr. Watkins have done it again. Which doesn’t surprise me in the least. The series is called The Summit Murder Mysteries and the books all take place on the highest point of the world’s seven continents. This is the third in the series. So, just know that this is a wonderful adventure and remember there is more to come. Messrs Irion and Watkins have a lot more undertakings to write about in the next books. Keep in mind there are seven major mountains in the world and four more wonderful books to come. Each summit is found in a different corner of the world and each mystery will be unique to the next. Not knowing anything about mountaineering at all was not a problem as the authors explain every fact of the climbs. Which is a good thing for me as I only like to look at snow out the window. I’m also eagerly awating the next volume which is called Murder on Puncak Jaya (Oceania). — Mary Lignor,

Murder on Mt. McKinley continues to thrill the readers of the Summit Murder Mystery Series! In this novel Scott Devlon again finds himself atop on of the highest mountain in the world only to find a murderous plot. Amidst Russian and American oil companies, environmental protection groups and angry local Alaskan tribes, Scott can barely make it out alive.  One of the best qualities of the novels in the Summit Murder Mystery Series is the research and history that are weaved into the storyline. Murder on Mt McKinley is no exception. After reading Murder on Mt McKinley, I had a much better understanding of Alaska and its internal problems. This information adds to the story so that readers feel like they are there! I highly recommend anyone to read Murder on Mt McKinley, it is a page turner and you won’t put it down until you have read it all and are wanting more. — Erika, Reviewer

Scott Devlon finds himself in the middle of chaos once again, on another one of the world’s seven continental summits. This time, Devlon is climbing Mt. McKinley, and his group includes an unethical reporter, rival oil companies that don’t disguise their disdain for one another, environmental protection groups, and angry local Alaskan tribes. It isn’t long before murder and mayhem take place, and Devlon is doing everything he can to just stay alive. These novels just keep getting better and better. The history and research that the authors do to add to their story is evident, and only makes it better. I’m looking forward to the next installment! – Jennifer, Review


Murder on Mt. Puncak Jaya

This time the DIA sends Scott Devlon on a climbing expedition to find out information on a new company that may be destabilizing the Grasburg gold and copper mine. The action in this installment begins even before the climb begins! The Authors continue to turn out a solid, entertaining read, time and time again. This time, the authors included bonus material at the end of the book that contains educational and interesting information about the seven summits!  – Jennifer,

You don’t want to miss a moment of this adventure! In this fourth book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series you will be amazed with Scott Devlon again and again. Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins take you thru the jungles in primitive New Guinea with breathtaking descriptions of the terrain, tribal ceremonies and deadly wildlife. Being chased by rogue gold miners, prehistoric tribes and military with mixed loyalties and agendas. This adventure will keep you on the edge of your chair all the way to the summit of Puncak Jaya and descending through more danger than imaginable. –  Carol P.,

Murder on Puncak Jaya is definitely NOT like any of the other books in the series.  It includes much more of a back story on the participants and a lot more adventure.  The climb didn’t start until the middle of the book, but this book was very scary and is a dangerous trek through some of the most beautiful, and at the same time horrible, areas in the world. Murder on Puncak Jaya is an extremely interesting read and I’m looking forward to the release of Murder on Aconcagua.” – M. Lignor,


Murder on Aconcagua

The fifth book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series, Murder on Aconcagua located in Argentina, is, I believe, the best one so far.  The writers of the Summit Series really know their subject and it shows.  The co-writer, Mr. Irion, wrote the first books about a climb on Mt. Everest and has been writing ever since about the highest peaks in the world.  I have read them all so far and am looking forward to the last two.  These books are not only interesting to climbing enthusiasts but, also to mystery/thriller readers.  They are definite keepers. – Mary Lignor, Avid reader and reviewer

The fifth book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series, Murder on Aconcagua once again finds Scott Devlon climbing yet another mountain, Aconcagua the highest summit in South America. Never a dull moment for Scott, this adventure takes you to secret villages and ancient healing hot springs while searching for the mysterious hidden golden idols. There are Japanese ghost stories, dueling ex’s, bloody legends, and some very strange sounds in the night. I can’t think of any adventure that could be more exciting than what Murder On Aconcagua brings to the reader. As is the case with so many things in life, “it’s all about greed and gold”.  This could be the best in the series!!! – Carol P, reviewer

Murder on Aconcagua kept me on the edge of my seat, but that is something I have come to expect from the dynamic duo that is Irion & Watkins! Once again the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency sends hero Scott Devlon on another mission. This time Devlon is sent to see if three Incan Idols have been discovered as rumor dictates. Aside from the mountain’s elements, it isn’t long before the reader realizes that greed is a huge factor here, and Devlon will be lucky to come off the mountain alive! The best book in the series to date, the cliffhanger at the end of this one is insane and left me cursing the authors because I want more now!!! – Jennifer, Reviewer


Murder on Vinson Massif

“Do archeology and murder mix? An page turner full of scientific adventure that reminds me of Michael Crichton’s work. The extreme climate of Antarctica holds your interest. This thriller keeps you held in suspense until the very end.” – Paul Bell, reviewer

“This was the first Summit Murder Mystery that I have read and it was wonderful. After just ending one climb Scott must go on another to recover two golden idols before they fall into the wrong hands. This climb on Vinson Massif has never been made in the winter and could prove treacherous. The character descriptions and the description of the snow equipment being used is extremely well written, along with the historical facts of the other mountains. I can’t wait to read the other books.” – druidgirl – reviewer

“I was one of the first people to receive a copy of Murder on Vinson Massif and I devoured it in hours. The action and excitement didn’t let up, and I couldn’t wait to see how or if hero Scott Devlon was going to be able to save the day. I was shocked to read that only two people make it off the mountain alive! Who are they you wonder? Well you will have to read it to find out! Another outstanding read from the authors, I can’t wait for Murder on Kilimanjaro, the final book in the Summit Murder Mystery series.” – Late Bloomer Online, book review blog

Murder on Kilimanjaro

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Murder on Kilimanjaro and felt like I was on the mountain once again. The account of the story was realistic and thrilling just like the mountain itself. Nice job on the characters and the plot…it was great seeing how it all unfolded.” Kristen Salcito Sandquist International Mountain Guide, partner to Kevin Cherilla K2 Adventures Foundation,

“A long time fan of Charles G. Irion’s novels, this final book to his series made me wanting more. As I’ve been to the area he writes of, his attention to details of Africa is amazingly accurate. Combined with Irion’s creative, dramatic writing this is a must read. Allow yourself plenty of time! You won’t be able to put this book down.” – Writing in Style, reviewer

“I read Murder on Kilimanjaro this weekend. One of those stories where you need to keep reading. I must say the action and environmental descriptions were wonderfully written putting you in the middle of the action. You could feel the fear and the struggle to stay alive. This is what every writer wants to achieve, transporting the reader from arm chair and into the action.” – Jan O’Kane, reviewer

“The final book in the Summit Murder Mystery series, Murder on Kilimanjaro, was delivered to me and I couldn’t wait to start reading. Take it from an avid reviewer of this series, this book is a keeper.  This book is number seven in the seven summits mysteries and I’m hoping that the authors go out and measure some more mountains and get another series going. This book settles many revelations about the characters and brings back some old chums of Scotts from the other books. There are really some very big surprises and you will be amazed at the surprise ending. Don’t miss this installment in the Summit Mysteries!!” – Mary Lignor, book reviewer

“When I read the first book in the Summit Murder Mystery series, Murder on Everest, I knew this was going to be an unforgettable series, and I wasn’t wrong. Murder on Everest left me breathless when I was blown away by a murderer I never saw coming and each book in the series after the first has been an amazing read. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how the authors would wrap up the series. After six books, each better than the one before, how were they possibly going to top themselves? They were promising an amazing finale… a crown jewel. I wasn’t sure it would be possible. I was wrong. Murder on Kilimanjaro is everything it promises to be. Timely, insightful, adventurous and exciting, Murder on Kilimanjaro is a unique experience and ends with a bang. The authors completely outdid themselves and even though this was book seven, the authors kept it exciting, refreshing, adventurous and new! I don’t know how they do it! Read the reviews for the other books in the series and you will see that others agree with me. But most of all, read the books for yourself, starting with Murder on Everest, and discover a fascinating new world of adventure, mystery murder, betrayal and intrigue. You won’t regret it!” – Jennifer, LateBloomerOnline book review blog

“The country can wait when family is on the line.  “Murder on Kilimanjaro” is an entry into Charles G. Irion & Ronald J. Watkins’ Summit Murder Mystery series.  Scott Devlon is hired to be the president’s guide as he looks for his lost son on the top of Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro.  Finding that this guidance job goes beyond being bizarre because it’s for an American president, there may be more that hangs in the balance than a son, a president, or his country.  “Murder on Kilimanjaro” is well worth considering for lovers of mystery and suspense.” – The Midwest Book Review