Murder on Elbrus
(A Summit Murder Mystery)
by Charles G. Irion
Publisher: Iron Books, LLC

World famous mountaineer Scott Devlon has scarcely recovered from the disaster told in Murder on Everest, when the Defense Intelligence Agency dispatches him to observe an EU sponsored conference in southern Russia. This casual assignment turns deadly with the murder of a Russian official atop Europe’s highest mountain. Joined by the beautiful Natasha, the most powerful woman in the media world, Scott must run for his life, uncertain of her loyalties and true motives. Joined by a tread worn CIA agent, a Russian mobster and Georgian nationalist, they flee across war torn Chechnya with Russian Special Forces in hot pursuit. Along the way ethnic vendettas play out while old secrets are revealed. Scott can’t know where his greater enemy lies: with him or on the fields of fire. Set against the bleak terrain of the north Caucasus this action packed thriller unfolds at a breakneck pace. Murder on Elbrus is the second in the thrilling Summit Murder Mystery series. While each book stands alone each will provide a deeper connection with the characters and story lines. Every book is set against an exotic backdrop amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. Be sure to read all seven of the Summit Murder Mysteries: Murder on Everest, Murder on Elbrus, Murder on Mt. McKinley, Murder on Puncak Jaya, Murder on Aconcagua, Murder on Vinson Massif, Murder on Kilimanjaro.


I’d been right, it appeared. The Tiger was alone. When it was 100 feet distant Osip opened up, followed at once by Pyotr. The sound caught me by surprise as it had been some time since I’d heard gunfire in anger. The bright flashes from the snout of the weapons was like as strobe light, brightening the scene in an irregular staccato. I could not tell if the bullets were having any effect but the Tiger slowed then came to a halt. The machine gun barrel atop waved side to side as someone inside moved into position.

But I had my target now and opened fire on the right front tire. The tires would be puncture-proof, meaning they could run some distance even when flat. But I didn’t plan to merely flatten it. Once I had the range I switched to full auto and let fly into the tire. When the magazine was empty I inserted the second and did it again. I could make out bits and pieces of rubber flying away from the wheel.

I spotted a figure in the darkness move, then swivel the machine gun barrel towards us. The flash came, then the zip of bullets striking boulders, grass and asphalt, followed at once by the muzzle blast. I instinctively pulled into myself and buried my head.

The problem with such a weapon so mounted was that it exposed the gunner as there was no turret for protection. Osip had the range and easily killed the man before he’d had time to zero in on us. Then behind me I heard an automatic pistol. I looked and there was Natasha, standing fully exposed in the roadway blasting away at the Tiger with a handgun.

“Natasha!” Pyotr shouted. “Get to cover!”

She ignored him as she emptied her gun, screaming in a language I didn’t understand.




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