Murder on Aconcagua
(A Summit Murder Mystery)
Written by: Charles G. Irion
Publisher: Irion Books, LLC

Hero Scott Devlon is once again sent by the US Defense Intelligence Agency on another climbing expedition. This time the mountain is Aconcagua, the highest in South America. His mission is to confirm a report that three Inca golden idols have been discovered and are headed to Venezuelan strongman, Hugo Chavez. Legend says he who possesses them is invincible. Scott’s assignment is to prevent that from taking place but he quickly learns that there are those who will stop at nothing, including murder, to get their hands on the idols. This book is the fifth in the exciting Summit Murder Mystery series. While each book stands alone each will provide a deeper connection with the characters and story lines. Every book is set against an exotic backdrop amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. Be sure to read all seven of the Summit Murder Mysteries: Murder on Everest, Murder on Elbrus, Murder on Mt. McKinley, Murder on Puncak Jaya, Murder on Aconcagua, Murder on Vinson Massif, Murder on Kilimanjaro.


The locals claimed that Aconcagua was haunted. Locals everywhere, in every culture in my experience, always reported the tallest mountain in the region as haunted. And in my many ascents, I’d seen and witnessed countless bizarre sights, heard more than my portion of strange sounds. But this one sends a shiver down my spine.

As suddenly as they started, the clicks stopped. I strained every faculty, waiting for them to resume. At last, exhausted, I fell into a restless slumber.

Later, much later it seemed but it might have only been a few minutes I was awakened.

Click… Click… Click.

The sound had returned, but now it was just beyond the tissue of nylon that separated me from it.





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