Divorce Hell

Divorce Hell is, simply, my attempt to show you what divorce is all about, to give you some insight about what divorce may mean in your life and to help you avoid it if possible. Divorce touches many lives, and it has done so through history. I went through a divorce myself and it put terrible stress on me, but I got through it. My experience led me to look deeper into divorce, to try to understand it. Divorce Hell is the result.

I start the book with my story. It may differ in some ways from divorces you have experienced or read about, but I think you’ll be able to identify with the anguish of the process, the terrible financial strain, and—ultimately—the sense of accomplishment in being put to the test and surviving. I then focus on an underlying reason for divorce, the biological “seven-year-itch” that drives people to want to make a significant change after several years of marriage. I think you’ll be surprised at how powerful this drive is and at how firmly science has established that it exists.

Next, we move on to the history of divorce and this is one wild ride. Divorce, in its strangest manifestations, goes back to the Bible. Going forward, it has generated such odd stories as that of the bearded lady who attained sainthood by helping free women from their husbands, the sale of wives at public auction in England and the parrot who was called as a key witness in a divorce trial.

Then there are the horror stories—his and hers—such as that of the husband who built up a software company, only to have the judge in his divorce tell him he “owed” his wife for the business education the husband had gotten at “her” company, where she really had only worked in sales.

After a tour of many celebrity divorces—such as singer Eddie Fisher’s departure from the arms of sweet-faced actress Debbie Reynolds for the sensual embrace of sex goddess Elizabeth Taylor—we get to the most important part of the book. It’s the end of the story, but I hope it will be a new beginning for you, because I’ll give you the best advice available on how to save yourself from divorce. If Divorce Hell gets that job done for just one reader, it will be well worth the time and effort it took to write it.



Car Dealer Hell

The history of car dealership deceit began long before the automobile was invented. Car Dealer Hell exposes the scams, gimmicks and deceitful practices used by dealers every day.

This 192-page book includes useful checklists, summaries and resources that will help you navigate through car dealership mine fields and stay out (or get out) of their unique hell. This information will help you avoid car dealership traps while getting the best deal for your new or used car.

Learn about the rise of American car dealerships and the winners of the “Most Hellish Car Dealer Story” contest from our Internet competition. Read the story of our $500 grand prize winner, as well as a compilation of other “true” horror stories.

Hear from an attorney with experience in auto fraud cases who details four examples of outrageous dealership behavior that landed three of them in front of a judge. These cases are real and shocking. Even the lawyer was amazed and he was one of the victims!

The information in Car Dealer Hell is revealed to you in a way you’ll be able to understand so you’ll be able to protect yourself when the time comes. If you would like to share your bad experience with car dealers, whether it be buying a new or used car, leasing a car, or service/warranty issues, please take a moment to contact me at charles@irionbooks.com about your experience.



Autograph Hell

Autograh Hell – The Truth About Collecting is for everyone who has or will trust in the autograph business whose treasured prize is possibly the source of easy cash for a forger (thief) and to those who may be seeking a new treasure-beware. Knowledge is power.

The Truth About Collecting

When a prized autograph of first president George Washington turns out to be a fake, renowned autograph collector Charles Irion begins to research the world of autograph collecting. What he finds is a business fraught with fakes and frauds.

Follow Irion on his trail of truth as he starts at the very beginning of autograph collecting to find a world filled with falsified documents and counterfeit signatures – most of which are “authenticated” by the autograph experts who control this multi-million dollar business. Join Irion as he explores a mind-boggling world of autographs that aren’t what they seem, run by people who aren’t what they claim.

Even his conclusion that “the only true autograph is one you get yourself,” proves false when an autograph he personally collected from Muhammad Ali is declared a fake by one of the country’s top authenticators! Both enlightening and disturbing, this non-fiction book exposes the rampant fiction in the world of autograph collecting.

About the book

On Christmas day, 1776, George Washington decided to attack British mercenaries in the town of Trenton, New Jersey. He managed this sneak-attack by crossing the nearly frozen Delaware River in wooden boats, standing at the prow of his craft while his soldiers rowed hard against current, snow and wind.

The Hessian mercenaries on the other side of the river didn’t expect such an attack. In fact, they considered the Continental Army under Washington’s command to be a minor annoyance.

We all know the rest of the story: the Washington-led troops defeated the Hessian soldiers and then crossed the Delaware again to fight further battles. It was this tactical battle – conceived by the great George Washington – that inspired the citizens of the American colonies to rise up and fight against British rule.

It was also George Washington who served as an inspiration to write this book. As you will see, I purchased an authenticated autograph of our first president, only to find out eight years later that it might well have been signed by someone else.

This infuriated me. Like most autograph collectors I assumed that an authenticated signature meant that it was indeed an authentic signature. But, as you’ll see in this book, that was not what it means at all. Like George Washington, I have decided to launch a sneak attack on the autograph industry. I have done this by writing a book that educates autograph collectors like myself about the pitfalls of this incredible – but troubled – business.



Remodeling Hell

Remodeling Hell is an extensive self guide included along with 17 hellish lessons learned. Any one idea from the guide could potentially save you many thousands of dollars. Thus making this book one of the best investments you’ll ever make. A great, interesting and humorous story.

Horror Stories In Building The Perfect House

If you want to purchase a new book on how to pave your driveway or put up a wall, you can find one in any bookstore.

Until now there has been no book that encapsulates the entire remodeling experience, one that will prove an invaluable source to help readers relate to what they are about to undertake.

The lessons taught in this book are generational and Remodeling Hell will be as useful to the reader today, as it will ten years from now.