Divorce Hell is, simply, my attempt to show you what divorce is all about, to give you some insight about what divorce may mean in your life and to help you avoid it if possible. Divorce touches many lives, and it has done so through history. I went through a divorce myself and it put terrible stress on me, but I got through it. My experience led me to look deeper into divorce, to try to understand it. Divorce Hell is the result.

I start the book with my story. It may differ in some ways from divorces you have experienced or read about, but I think you’ll be able to identify with the anguish of the process, the terrible financial strain, and—ultimately—the sense of accomplishment in being put to the test and surviving. I then focus on an underlying reason for divorce, the biological “seven-year-itch” that drives people to want to make a significant change after several years of marriage. I think you’ll be surprised at how powerful this drive is and at how firmly science has established that it exists.

Next, we move on to the history of divorce and this is one wild ride. Divorce, in its strangest manifestations, goes back to the Bible. Going forward, it has generated such odd stories as that of the bearded lady who attained sainthood by helping free women from their husbands, the sale of wives at public auction in England and the parrot who was called as a key witness in a divorce trial.

Then there are the horror stories—his and hers—such as that of the husband who built up a software company, only to have the judge in his divorce tell him he “owed” his wife for the business education the husband had gotten at “her” company, where she really had only worked in sales.

After a tour of many celebrity divorces—such as singer Eddie Fisher’s departure from the arms of sweet-faced actress Debbie Reynolds for the sensual embrace of sex goddess Elizabeth Taylor—we get to the most important part of the book. It’s the end of the story, but I hope it will be a new beginning for you, because I’ll give you the best advice available on how to save yourself from divorce. If Divorce Hell gets that job done for just one reader, it will be well worth the time and effort it took to write it.