The history of car dealership deceit began long before the automobile was invented. Car Dealer Hell exposes the scams, gimmicks and deceitful practices used by dealers every day.

This 192-page book includes useful checklists, summaries and resources that will help you navigate through car dealership mine fields and stay out (or get out) of their unique hell. This information will help you avoid car dealership traps while getting the best deal for your new or used car.

Learn about the rise of American car dealerships and the winners of the “Most Hellish Car Dealer Story” contest from our Internet competition. Read the story of our $500 grand prize winner, as well as a compilation of other “true” horror stories.

Hear from an attorney with experience in auto fraud cases who details four examples of outrageous dealership behavior that landed three of them in front of a judge. These cases are real and shocking. Even the lawyer was amazed and he was one of the victims!

The information in Car Dealer Hell is revealed to you in a way you’ll be able to understand so you’ll be able to protect yourself when the time comes. If you would like to share your bad experience with car dealers, whether it be buying a new or used car, leasing a car, or service/warranty issues, please take a moment to contact me at charles@irionbooks.com about your experience.