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With his unique perspective and drawn from his own experiences, author Charles G. Irion has produced two series of outstanding books. The Hell Series begins with an account of the trials and tribulations resulting from the remodeling of his home, as related in Remodeling Hell. This was followed by the lessons he learned over two decades of collecting memorabilia in Autograph Hell. These led to Car Dealer Hell and Divorce Hell. Each true book relates not just an interesting story but essential information to help anyone avoid the pitfalls described. Fascinating, often humorous, every book in the Hell Series is a valuable addition to any home library.

In a delightful change of pace, the Summit Murder Mystery Series of novels takes you to the highest point on each of the world’s seven continents, the Seven Summits, the easiest places on earth to commit murder.  Along with the usual danger of such an undertaking is now added murder, for nowhere else on earth is easier to kill and get away with it.  By taking the deadliest places on earth and adding to the mix, you get seven of the most original and exciting murder mysteries ever written.  The climb begins with Murder On Everest and its prequel Abandoned On Everest, then continues with Murder On Elbrus, Murder On Mt. McKinley, Murder On Puncak Jaya, Murder On Aconcagua, Murder On Vinson Massif and the amazing finale is Murder On Kilimanjaro. Irion has been an owner/operator of RV resorts in Arizona and around the United States for 30 years.  His love of camping and hiking inspired a large collection of recipes and his book Roadkill Cooking for Campers – The Best Dang Wild Game Cookbook in the World.


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